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Virginia State University encourages members of the media to use official University B-roll, campus photos, and logos when promoting the debate. VSU holds the copyright to all photos, videos, and other resources found on this site and allows members of the media to use them for debate reporting purposes only.

For questions about the debate, contact the Commission on Presidential Debates at

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"We are honored and grateful to have been selected as a host for a 2024 Presidential Debate. This is a historic moment for our university and for HBCUs nationwide. Our university mantra is "Greater Happens Here," and we look forward to welcoming the candidates, the Commission on Presidential Debates, and the entire nation to the GREATER at VSU."

- VSU President Dr. Makola M. Abdullah

"VSU has always been committed to excellence, inclusivity, and civic engagement. This incredible achievement of hosting a general election presidential debate will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on the campus community, the university's reputation, and the nation as a whole. Now people will know that not only does Greater Happen at VSU, but history happens here as well."

- VSU Assistant Vice President for Government Relations Eldon Burton

"Words can't describe how proud I am to be a Virginia State University alum and professor. Hosting a presidential debate is a historic opportunity that not only underscores our institution's academic excellence but also reinforces our commitment to creating meaningful discourse and shaping citizen leaders. I am eager to witness the profound impact it will have on our campus and the broader community."

- Associate Professor of Political Science and Public Administration Dr. Wesley Bellamy

"The Presidential Debate at Virginia State University is an amazing opportunity that will contribute to our long-lasting impact of Greater. I am grateful to be educated by the first HBCU to host a U.S. General Election Presidential Debate. I am confident that this experience will further prepare us to be leaders of the future."

- Miss Virginia State University Aliyah Mayers, Class of 2024

"VSU hosting the Presidential Debate will potentially allow us to gain direct insight from the next President of the United States. As students of a Historically Black College and University, we are excited to be the first to host a U.S. General Election Presidential Debate. This opportunity of a lifetime will prepare us as the next innovators of the United States."

- Student Government Association President Kailyn Haye, Class of 2024